it really is a micro~farm

First post! Thank you so much for stopping by.

The All Tucked Inn – that oval above the door is going to be perfect for our oval logo sign!

Well, the all tucked inn micro~farm is about as micro as you can get! Our little growing operation happens in an 8×12 foot brand new wooden building {that’s the Inn} at the top of a hill in the beautiful Willamette Valley of Oregon. And rest assured, we tuck each and every wee green in to their little beds each and every night!

With highly-efficient LED track lights and complete temperature control, this little vertical farm will continue generating heaps of beautiful and nutritious produce year-round. Growing microgreens is truly a joyful experience, and I am very excited to bring these amazing immune system-boosting gems to the community.

Please feel free to order or ask questions via the order now page or DM me on Instagram, and don’t forget to follow while you’re over there for the latest updates!